Thursday, February 28, 2013

Heart String Wall Art

This would have been a great project for Valentine's day but I actually made it to sit on our dresser in our room. I am in the process of giving our master bedroom a little face lift. It has never really been decorated because I am horrible about making up my mind for fear that it won't turn out looking very good. But I have decided to start out by just making a few things for our walls and to sit on our dresser. This fun project was completely inspired by this post here. I pretty much followed exactly what she did except I didn't print out my heart shape like she did (see below how I did it). This project was super cheap for me because we had the wood on hand (my husband likes to dumpster dive), the paint was free from my husband's work, I already had the yarn from another project, and the nails were only a few $.  I absolutely love how it turned out!

Ok here are a few pictures of the process (sorry the lighting is different in all of these, but I had to do a little here and there over about a week)!  First, paint the wood:

Cut a peice of paper (I used the thick butcher paper but wrapping paper would work too) to the size of your wood then fold in half and draw half of your heart:

Cut out and unfold then tape down:

Get some nails and string (make sure your nails have a good size head on them so the string doesn't come off).

For spacing the nails:

Peel off paper then start stringing your string/yarn:

I wrapped the string around the perimeter twice at the end just to give it a finished look:

Ta da! Set it on your dresser and admire (this is actually my daughter's room, it just 
looked so cute in there and it matches her curtains!):


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