Friday, July 26, 2013

Bubbles on the sidewalk.

So my daughter and I were using straws to blow bubbles one day and discovered that you could use your straw to add air to bubbles that were sitting on the ground and make them pretty big. We figured this out after she spilled some of her bubbles and some of the ones we blew stuck to the wet part on the ground without popping.

The key is to dump some of your bubbles on the sidewalk (as soon as the bubble touches dry concrete it will pop) and also to make sure that your straw has been dipped in bubbles otherwise it will pop the bubble as well. We did use paper straws so if you try this with a plastic one let me know if that works!
We had lots of fun making ladybugs and long caterpillars out of the bubbles too.
I did want to mention that we made a batch of these awesome bubbles a while ago. I have a large container holding the bubbles and I just refill up the little bubble containers with our own solution. I would highly recommend using the recipe I linked to above, the bubbles are so much stronger and they don't seem to pop as quickly as store bought bubbles.

This activity was just a fun twist to normal bubble play. My husband and I were even entertained by it for quite a while. We will definitely be doing this super easy activity again in our house!

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