Friday, November 1, 2013

Non-messy sensory play {pom-poms}

Ok so this idea is definitely not new... but it is so simple and super entertaining! You can search pinterest and come up with all kinds of activities to do with pom poms (use tongs, make magnetic pom poms, use for color matching, patterning, etc.) but we kept it very simple today and just used a few plastic containers for some free play. I also used these Rubbermaid water bottles for the girls and they were a huge hit! Both of them loved putting pushing the pom poms through the little opening. In fact it entertained my youngest (almost 13 months) for a good 20 minutes... an incredibly long time for her :). My oldest daughter (4 years) loved it just as much and had fun sorting  out all of her favorite colors.

Are there any super simple sensory activities you have done with your littles lately??

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