Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Topic Tuesday: Milk and your baby - cows milk, goats milk, alternative milk and why

My 19 month old drinks coconut, almond, or hemp generally. I started him out on alternative milk after noticing that his tummy got upset when I fed him other dairy products. I'm lactose intolerant so I figure he probably is a little bit too.

My two have always just done regular cows milk. My youngest (who is 13 months) has just started drinking milk and has been doing just fine with it so we have opted not to try other milk since it is more expensive. I drink soy milk though (because I like the taste much better!) and so that is a treat my older daughter gets sometimes.
My 13 month old still nurses which we plan to do until he is two. He does however, drink coconut milk or almond milk as well. We pretty much nurse on demand and have a sippy cup lying around if he wants it. My plan was to pump a sippy cup for him and do just breast milk but haven't had much luck pumping after I stoped 7 months ago.

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