Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Topic Tuesday: How did you lose the baby weight, or did you?

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So my answer is going to be unpopular since I think most women probably wish they could say the same... but I did absolutely nothing and all my babyweight came off within a couple months (both times). I think it definitely helped that the first time I was pretty young and I was in great shape (thank you 10 plus years of gymnastics). The second time though I wasn't in as good of shape to start with and although it didn't take long to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, my stomach definitely has a little flab that is hanging on. My abs actually still haven't gone back together since my last pregnancy (it's called diastasis recti). I have been secretly hoping they will just fix themselves but since my youngest is now 7 months I don't think that is going to happen on its own. I read this article about it and have been doing exercises such as this more consistently.

I exercised consistently throughout my pregnancy and focused on exercise and my eating choices after my little guy was born. I was able to lose my pregnancy weight by 5 months or so postpartum but it took work and consistency. Pregnancy can make your skin look different (stretched out...) in some areas but with exercise and good eating habits it is definitely possible to loose all of your baby weight and tone your tummy up again! The Fitnessista is my go to blog for exercise plans that you can do at home with minimal equipment.
This has  absolutely been the hardest part of the whole pregnancy experience. I had this idea that as long as I breast fed the weight would just fall off...yeah not so much. The first 20lbs no problem, the last 10 have been haunting me. I hate working out so I usually loose weight by extreme dieting but seeing as how I can't really do that due to breastfeeding I've had a really hard time. About a month ago my sister (who has her certificate in health and nutrition) wrote out a meal plan that gave me enough calories so that my milk was not effected but allowed me to realize that I was over eating. The meal plan along with walking two miles a day has helped me to to drop 8lbs. I still have a lot of work and definitely some toning to do but I'm getting there!

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  1. You three ladies are amazing! Thank you for your honest answers. I love topic Tuesday!